The 2018 March Madness Suicide Pool has arrived!

...sign ups are now closed.

Good Luck!

If you have any questions, email us at:

The game is simple...
  • We split the March Madness Tournament into 8 selections. Two selections in the first round, two in the second, and one for each round after that.
  • For each selection, you will see a tab like the one to the right (only larger and more legible). In that tab, pick one team that you think will win that day/round. That's all.

  • You can change your pick as many times as you like until the start of the first game for that day/round. These deadlines are listed at the bottom of each tab. If you haven't made a pick by midnight before deadline, we will send you a notification.
  • If no selection is entered for a given period, you will automatically be given the best seed playing that day (that you are eligible to pick). If two teams of the same seed are playing, the heaviest favorite will be picked for you. Only one auto-pick allowed.
  • Everyone else's picks are hidden until the games start for the round.
  • If your team wins, their seed will be added to your tiebreaker score.
  • If your team loses, you're out. Sorry.
  • You cannot pick the same team more than once in the tournament (If you pick Kansas as your team on the first day, you will not be able to pick them again for the rest of the tournament).
  • If you have no available team to pick, it counts the same as a loss in that round.
  • Last person standing is the winner. Tiebreaker will be the sum of the seeds of the winners you picked, highest score wins (If the last two players get knocked out in the same round, the player that made the "less obvious" correct picks wins).
  • That's it! You only have to pick 8 correct games to run the table!